It's Big, It's Black, It's Inside Joanna  - Burning Angel Entertainment

The song says it all:


"If it's Big and it's Black, Joanna's gotta have it
If it's Big and it's Black, Joanna's gotta grab it
You want it on camera, we can make it happen
I can use my mouth for way more than just rappin'


There's nothin' like a big, black dick in my pussy
I heard you wanna stick that shit in my tushie
We'll see where your head's at, when I say "head"
I mean how you lick my pussy when my legs spread


My mama wanted me to grow up and marry a Jew
She set me up with a lawyer who liked to sue
David Goldstein took me home at the end of the night
His pants came off and it was a scary sight


I didn't like the size and I didn't like the color
I need a big, black dick and I don't care about my mother
I'll film it on the HD and get the perfect angle
Then I'll upload the whole thing onto Burning Angel


It's Big, It's Black, It's Inside Joanna!"


  • Joanna Angel
  • Misti Dawn
  • Nova T.A.
  • Sinead
  • Jessie Lee


  • Sean Michaels
  • Ethan Hunt
  • Julius Ceazher


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Release Date: July 27th 2009
Length: 2 hours 20 minutes
Director: Joanna Angel
Music By:
Joanna Angel
Randy Craftwood