The XXXorcist  - Burning Angel Entertainment

Mrs. MacFeel (Kylee Kross) looks on helplessly until she succumbs to the evil and becomes possessed as well. Father Merkin is forced to fight for his life...with his genitals.

Besides copious amounts of demonic possession, green vomit, head-spinning and bed-floating, the film features the unique religious sex toys from Divine Interventions, such as the “Jackhammer Jesus” dildo , the “Virgin Mary” dildo, and of course, the “Baby Jesus Butt-Plug”.

Teravision director and star, Spyder Jonez makes an unforgettable appearance as Father Seinfeld in the film, as well as cult game-show host Andy Straub (Win Andy Straub’s Liquor).

The XXXorcist two disc set will be available worldwide on September 30th 2006 from Pulse Distribution and contains over eight hours of material


Joanna Angel
Tommy Pistol
Kylee Kross
Spyder Jonez
Andy Straub

  • Feature film with three endings
  • Four Commentary Tracks
  • ‘Into the Behind: Behind the Scenes of The XXXorcist’ feature documentary plus three mini featurettes.
  • Trailers & Easter Eggs
  • & Much More!


Release Date:September 30th 2006
Length: 160 Mins
Director: Doug Sakmann


Sold out.