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True Fucking Love

There's lots of LOVE in this movie...yes, LOVE. Six real BurningAngel couples...having REAL sex...or, err, making LOVE, I guess. Cause that's what couples do! And that's sort of why we LOVE them. So if you already LOVE BurningAngel, and you LOVE the girls of BurningAngel, then you should LOVE watching them LOVE their boyfriends...and you WILL LOVE it...and they LOVEd doing it...and LOVE makes the world go around. So fall in LOVE with True Fucking Love: Volume 1. It's a punk rock way!


  • Allister
  • Cadence
  • January Darling
  • Morgan Mae
  • Pinky Lee
  • Chapel Waste


  • Love-making (*special)
  • BTS
  • Photo Gallery
  • Never-before-seen footage of Doug Sakmann ruining Morgan Mae's car!


Release Date: October 29 2008
Length: 6 Scenes + Extras
Director: Joanna Angel
Music By:
The Stalkers
The White Dice