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It's time to quit your job and drop those text books because Langlade, Wisconsin's most tragically ironic hipster band got booked for their first tour. Joanna Angel and Tommy Pistol embark on a rock and roll adventure in search of fame, fortune...and fucking! Watch Tommy and Joanna sleep their way to the bottom in this hilarious mockumentary style porno flick.

  • Joanna Angel
  • Tommy Pistol
  • Draven Star
  • Annika Amour
  • Nikki Hearts
  • Arrabelle Raphael
  • Veruca James
  • Small Hands

Release Date: August 26nd, 2013
Length: 3 Hrs 08 Min
Director: Joanna Angel


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Critical Rating: AAAA 1/2

Her own sort of answer to mega cult hit Portlandia, as mashed up with The Blues Brothers and This Is Spinal Tap, Joanna Angel’s snortingly hilarious Band Sluts stands its own ground as a knockout comedy not only by porn standards, but genuinely by any standards.

Angel and her perennial tag-team screen partner Tommy Pistol play the members of a Wisconsin musical duo with no name (instead using a symbol that’s more than vaguely phallic) who embark on a road trip to California because Pistol has gotten them on the bill at Coachella … or so he thinks.

Their journey is documented by a Brunswick Community College film student (who Pistol is convinced works for Rolling Stone), and they have exactly one song in their repertoire: the ridiculous but admittedly catchy “Gimme Some Pants.”

Along the way, they manage to land a couple additional shows to prepare them for the big shebang: one at a Middle Eastern restaurant in Cheese Town—15 minutes from Joanna’s house—and the other in an empty lot that a couple of punk girls prank Tommy into believing is CBGB. During their performance there, the two girls (Nikki Hearts and Annika Amour) wander off into the adjacent alley to bang, and allow the student documentarian to record it. At the Middle Eastern restaurant, owner Johnny Falafel (Arabelle Raphael) extracts recompense from Tommy in the form of a hard dicking after all her customers are driven away.

Joanna has two sex scenes—a three-way in the opener with the quack dentist she works for (Erik Everhard) and his secretary (Veruca James) as a going-away romp after she announces she’s quitting to pursue her music career; and a POV scene with the documentarian (Small Hands). She also masturbates a lot. Tommy, too, gets in on his own three-way to close the picture with Draven Star and Danny Wylde.

We wouldn’t want to spoil any of the really great jokes in Band Sluts—neither would it do them justice even if we tried, because they’re so dependent in so many cases on the actors’ ace delivery—but suffice it to say, this is a movie one very well might want to watch over and over to see what gems they may have missed … and one we imagine only gets funnier with every viewing.