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Buckcherry and Joanna Angel Date Night Survival Kit



Was your last date night more smooth jazz than high-octane rock?

Well, Joanna Angel has teamed up with Buckcherry to help turn your next one up to 11! Surprise your partner with these date night essentials;  A high quality 6" Dildo, An anal master piece in the form of a porn Dvd and 2 bangin' tracks from Buckcherry and Joanna & The Gigalos to set the mood.  

Guaranteed to get you laid! Well, not really, but we think you should give it a shot anyway.


Your Date Night Survival Kit Includes one of each item:

  • Crazy Bitch Toys - All Night Long Pleasure Cock - 6" Dildo
  • Rock & Roll In My Butthole - DVD- 8 anal scenes
  • Buckcherry Digital MP3 Download- "I Dont Give a Fuck"
  • Joanna Angel and The Gigolos Digital MP3 Download- "A.Lay.Un"

 An almost $60 value for half the price!