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(Enter your own song tune while reading this text!):


Burning Angel Beaters are coooool! Burning Angel Beaters are coooool! You won't get made fun of any more in schoooool! With a Burning Angel Beater you're cooool!




Burning Angel Beaters are for giiiirls! They go well with straight hair or cuuuuurls! They're great for girly chicks OR biiiikers! But you can put them on your boyfriend...yikers!


Ok, END SONG! So yeah - we have wife beaters available. They're for GIRLS AND GUYS! Wear it to the mall. Wear it to the gym. Wear it to your family reunion. BurningAngel beaters rule! Rock on.


Printed on American Apparel 100% Cotton Tank Top


Black shirt w/ Pink Graphic