Tattooed Bikini Girl-Mens-Shirt  - Burning Angel Entertainment

There's aBURNING ANGELon this shirt...
Is it your favorite BurningAngel? Is it a BurningAngel that gives monster blowjobs? Is it a BurningAngel with a college degree? Is it a BurningAngel who likes it in the butt? Is it your girlfriend, who isn't a BurningAngel yet, but could be!? Nobody knows. It's a different girl for everyone...but there's a girl on this shirt. And she's a BurningAngel. And she's in a bikini. And she has tattoos. And she is hot. And you want to wear her ALL DAY LONG! YES!


Buy this T-Shirt. It rocks. And so do all the girls of!


Fine Jersey (100% Cotton) construction
Durable rib neckband


Black Tee w/ White Graphic