Limited Edition Joanna Angel Air Freshener - Cherry Scent  -

Bad smells. They're the worst, aren't they? Well, aside from the multitude of things that are far worse than a nasty odor, but let's ignore them.


Air fresheners are tricky little affairs. Despite the boastful promise inherent in their frankly presumptuous and arrogant title, they can so often be incredibly olfactory offensive.


So what's the answer? Well luckily, it's right here: The Joanna Angel Limited Edition Air Freshener. I know what you're thinking: how have you ever lived without one? It's cherry scented and it bears the incomparable visage of the wonderful Joanna Angel. For just $6.99! Imagine how super cool you'll look when people get into your car, smell the cherries and see the gorgeous Joanna hanging from your rear view with her legs spread open.

Let's face it: you need this.

Sold out.