Joanna Angel iphone 5 case  -

In this day and age of super fragile phones (see the current 'bendy' iPhone 6) covers are now ubiquitous. Which is ridiculous in a way, as an item worth several hundred dollars really shouldn't be so fragile. Remember the iPhone 4? When the signal dropped if you held it in a certain way? Apple's advice? Don't hold it that way. Genius. The iPhone 6 bends in your pocket? Don't put it in your pocket. Erm, yeah....

But I digress. Covers are essential. And what could be better than a cover featuring the divine Joanna Angel, in a pose guaranteed to make grown men weep, and a signature to boot? All for a bargainous $8.99. That's basically theft!

One word of warning, though. This does carry a danger of spontaneous erection on sight, which can be embarrassing on public transport. That aside, this is a steal that only a fool would ignore. And who wants to be a fool? Exactly.


Case Dimensions are: 2.35"w x 4.91"h

Case Color: White- Hard Shell




******************************Fits the iphone 5 ONLY!!***************************