Burning Angel Magazine Issue 5  - BurningAngel.com

We made it to ISSUE 5 of the BurningAngel Magazine! Woot woot! It feels good to be in print...very legit! And for 5 issues! Now, I know - ISSUE 4 isn't in the Store yet...we had some shipping issues...But don't worry - you can still come back and get Issue 4 after Issue 5...SO...what's in Issue 5? WELL...

- SEVEN XXX photo sets starring a slew of amazing Burning Angels (and a couple other hot porn stars!!!)...SIDRA, SKIN, SHAY, SOFI VONDOOM, JESSIE LEE, TAURUS, ANNIE CRUZ, JIZ LEE and...of course...Ms. JOANNA ANGEL!

- An "On The Set" piece, written from the live set of "Joanna Angel's School of Hard Knox" so you can all know what it's like to be ON THE SET of a real porno!

- A tell-all interview with BurningAngel OG and goddess of the dark arts...BELLA VENDETTA!

- Joanna Angel sits down to interview Boston's best...DROPKICK MURPHYS!!!

- And much much more including advice straight from Joanna's ASS, album reviews that will make you pee your pants laughing and the BurningAngels tell all about the hottest sex they've had outdoors!

Oh, and if you're not blind, you noticed that JESSIE LEE is on the cover...yeah...that alone is reason enough to buy this magazine*!!!

*All magazines autographed by the one-and-only Joanna Angel!