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All BurningAngel Cyberskin Pussy Fuckers include:


- A ribbed, stacked-triangular tunnel so you can really feel her tight pussy muscles grabbing your giant dick.
- Raised pink Cyberskin nubs that tease your cockhead as you slide all the way out - Opening for lube...grease it up, hold tight and pound away!
- Varied sensations, depending on your grip - pussy can be looser or tighter depending on how you're feelin!
- Translucent Cyberskin, so you can watch yourself fucking your favorite BurningAngel all night long!
- Hole on end for suction - place finger on hole when pulling out and remove finger when pushing in.
- Easy To Clean
- Waterproof; do it in the shower!
- Phthalate Free


So who does this hot puss belong to? Gothic bombshell ASPHYXIA!!! You can fuck her while watching her incredibly sexy performances in one of her many movies, including (but not limited to!) WHORES OF DARKNESS, JOANNAS ANGELS BREAKS 'EM IN and DOPPELGANGER! Box comes with a bunch of Asphyxia fun facts, so you can get to know her and be really romantical and shit. Sweet, right? Get her while she's hot (AND WET)!

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