Sparky 8x10  -

Is your office desk missing something special? Do the walls in your house have a billion posters on them, but nothing that gives you a boner?! Are you infatuated with a special girl on and you'd like to kiss her 2-dimensional lips every evening? Well, this is your lucky day! Now on sale, for a limited time only, are your very own BurningAngel girls' Mini-Posters! You can frame them, put them under your pillow or just jerk off all over them and then throw them out...whatever you like! The mini-poster is for your BurningAngel desires. It's like a BurningAngel collectors' item. You can have it for eternity. Things don't have to change. Be with the BurningAngel girls forever. Buy one today!

Who is this hot mo' fo'? It's SPARKY: Cancer-born/Sag-identifier, Waitress, Caretaker, Adult Industry Officianado. Why is she a BurningAngel? "I was in the right place at the right time." For Sparky's DVDs, Internet Videos and Photos, check out HER PROFILE!

Dimensions: 8" x 10"