Fuckenstein Poster 11x17- Autographed  - Shop Joanna Angel

After you buy the FUCKENSTEIN DVD HERE, show off your BurningAngel / Joanna Angel / horror porn / DP / Frankenstein / Fuckenstein / monster porn / horror film / etc. pride with the FUCKENSTEIN POSTER. It's an 11" x 17" 2-dimensional homage to the greatest horror porn story ever told...


JOANNA ANGEL and Dr. Frankenstein were having their nightly romp, when suddenly he did something that had never been done before! He stuck his fingers in her ass WHILE fucking her pussy. She went wild! This inspired the scientist to create a monster whose sole purpose on this earth was to doubly penetrate his wife. Of course, things got a little out of hand when his ego took hold of him and his monster creation (with a monster dick to match) got out of control. It's a XXX-rated homage to everyone's favorite classic horror flick.

Poster comes folded once