Thirty (30) Minutes  - Web Cam Credits



The BurningAngel girls are heading right for YOUR BEDROOM!!! Now you can have PRIVATE, ONE-ON-ONE WEBCAM SHOWS with the lovely ladies of through our CHAT ROOM!!! Isn't that insanely exciting? Your boner is probably already the size of Jupiter just reading this.


Here's how it works! You see a DTF BurningAngel broad in the BurningAngel Chat Room and want to take her into a Private Chat Room where it will be just the two of you, cozying up to each other. So you send her a message - either private or in the Main Chat Room - and ask her about going into a private space. If she's up for it, you purchase these babies - WEBCAM CREDITS (1 credit = 1 minute; $3.99 per credit)!!! There's also a nifty button you can hit if you're already in the Chat Room and want to purchase them right away:



Once your purchase request has gone through, an Administrator will approve it and "send" you Credits. To check if your Credits have been Sent, while logged into the BurningAngel Chat Room, you click your "Settings" button in the top left corner of the page (the icon is an image of nuts and bolts). Here's a diagram:



Once you click on SETTINGS, a new window should pop up with all of your Profile information. In the top right corner of that window, there is a Tab called MY ACCOUNT. When you click on it, it will tell you how many - if any - Credits you have, and also gives you the option of BUYING MORE. Another diagram:



If your credits aren't showing up, you can contact about the problem.


And you're all set for a private viewing. You can email to see about setting up a CHAT with a lady on, or contact the girls directly while in theMAIN CHAT ROOM. GIRLS will be available for PRIVATE CHATS after theirscheduled WEBCAM CHAT check the WEBCAM CHAT ROOM SHOW SCHEDULE, visit your HOME page after logging into or just CLICK HERE!